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I don’t often get the joy of having babies between the newborn and 6 month age in my studio. It’s one of my favourite ages for my mini and petite sessions because you capture those new smiles they just started making, and there are just some moments that you don’t always get to capture at that 6 month session because they start outgrowing those traits.

Little things that you love and think are adorable, but soon go by and your forget about. And those are the moments I love to capture and freeze for you. Those times they are amazed and stare wide eyed at the hand they just realized they had. The smile because they found their fingers with their mouth. The way they rub their eyes while curling up, trying so hard already to fight sleep. The way they can see their toes, but haven’t really figured out how to reach them. The way when you play peek a boo over them and all their limbs stretch out straight and there is that look of “what just happened” followed by a huge smile or laugh.

Thats one good thing about the lockdown, is that while I feel awful so many of my clients lost out on newborn photos, I’m thrilled that I get to see and capture this age and these moments for them.

This wee lad was in my studio and was full of smiles and alot of those little moments that I just mentioned. When he rubbed at his eyes and curled up everything in me wanted to just pick him up and snuggle him to sleep – But don’t worry I didn’t! First off, “social distance”… secondly… Not my baby.

Have a peek into this handsome guys session and see for yourself just how adorable he really is!

Isn’t he just the sweetest!!?? If you are interested in capturing your own sweet baby, I would love to hear from you at

Stay happy and healthy, and all the best!


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