Niagara Newborn Photographer – Newborn Boy Emmett – Rachel Limebeer Photography

Photographing newborns is a challenge because every newborn is their own little person. They have their own little personalities even at just days old. Some come in and sleep like the dead. Some are only happy in moms arms. Some are wide awake and alert and determined they are not going to cooperate, and some are like this wee man. He slept well when he was asleep, But when he was awake he was just so calm and relaxed.

The best part of my job is that I am able to capture these little personalities so you can remember what they were like. It’s why I am always happy when my babies wake up for a bit because not only are they amazingly adorable, they look completely different awake than asleep, and when they are awake, I find that is when their little personalities really shine.

Have a peek below at this Handsome Misters gallery, and see if you can stand all the adorable!


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