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001 MorningstarWEBIn the past I have strayed away from children’s sessions. They weren’t something that appealed to me. They seemed like difficult subjects, they seemed boring, and they seemed like they wouldn’t be something I would enjoy. The thing with photography is that each different genre and subject category requires different skills and instincts and sometimes even equipment. It’s why you don’t see a lot of newborn photographers doing weddings or product or landscape photography. It’s why you don’t see wild life photographers also photographing maternity or high fashion. Its a different instinct and equipment need.

The majority of my sessions are filled with assuring an expectant mom that she is beautiful even when she doesn’t feel it, soothing a newborn into a deep sleep and comfortable squishy position, playing peek a boo to get a smile, and trying to get a family with a toddler all looking and smiling at a camera. I thought older kids and I wouldn’t mesh because they are over that “able to bribe with M&M’s and peek a boo for a smile” phase.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I don’t know if it’s because my children are… gulp.. becoming children themselves so I am getting the experience and skills there (You know… when they actually cooperate for photos which is rarely), or if it’s because it’s something I have a knack for like newborns and babies, but I find I am loving children’s sessions just as much as my other typical sessions I offer.

The children listen. They are old enough to sit still and pose a little more, but young enough they are still silly and free spirited. They (so far) do what I ask so the sessions go quickly, and I end up getting a lot of variety in a very short time, which I know causes problems for the parents when they go to choose their gallery (i’m kind of sorry about that one.. haha). But I think what I love most about childrens sessions, is that I can still keep each session within my style, but I’m given the opportunity to explore and experiment artistically a little more with each session. Not so much that my work is not in line with what I usually offer, but instead of being focused on a fast moving toddler or baby where I usually only have seconds to capture “the moment”, the moments are already there, and I can play more with light, angles, scenery, etc… which have created some amazing images.

Another thing that happens a lot, especially outdoors during the summer, is that I’ll see something and get inspired with an idea or image in my head that I have to create. One thing I have learned is that with newborns, babies, and toddlers… rarely am I able to execute that idea or image because… well… in those sessions they are in control and rarely do I get to do what I want to do! Which isn’t a bad thing! But with a child who is out of the toddler phase, they are more willing to listen and do what I ask.

Brooklynne’s mom contacted me a little while ago about doing a session, and usually I refer these sessions out to other photographers and strongly encourage the parents to choose someone with more experience photographing children as they are spending a good amount of money on images, and they should get the best images they can get. However Brooklynne’s mom was determined and still wanted me to do her daughters images. Talk about making a photographer feel good! However I was extremely nervous for this session because I had no idea what to expect, if they would be my best work, would they be boring “sit and smile” images etc…

I can honestly say within 5 minutes of photographing I was excited and had ideas pouring though. And I really enjoyed myself! I played around with locations and had just as much laughter and smiles as my other sessions.

I went home eager to upload the images onto my hard drive and see what treasures were there and y’all… I have no idea how they narrowed down their gallery because I STILL have too many favourites.

I will not be turning away childrens sessions anymore. I will look forward to more and I am so happy with how her beautiful gallery turned out! See below for some peeks from her gallery!
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