Boudoir & Allure


Every woman should feel beautiful. Every woman should feel empowered. Every woman should see the magic in themselves that the world sees.


I know as a woman myself how we can often feel less than. But I want to help every woman know that you are ALWAYS enough. More than enough.


I want to show you and make you believe that your size, your shape or your imperfections - DON'T DETERMINE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE.


Empowering other women has become extremely important to me and I'm overjoyed to use my skills as a professional photographer to make every single woman that gets in front of my camera feel like the amazing goddess she is.


It doesn't matter what you wear, which is why I offer 2 types of sessions. Boudoir where you can be as revealing as you would like and focus on capturing your sexy side. And Allure sessions where the focus is more on capturing you in a natural, comfortable, every day way.


You don't need to be in lingerie for me to show you how beautiful you are. You can wear a favourite outfit, I can show you your yoga pants and oversized sweater still make you look gorgeous. You can wear boy shorts and a comfy t-shirt. You can wear lingerie or you can wear nothing at all. That's the beauty of every session... It is tailored to YOU and YOUR comfort level and the type of beauty you are comfortable capturing.


Stop waiting until you "reach your goal weight" or wondering if you'll be able to have the confidence. I promise you you will relax and have fun and see a whole new beautiful side of yourself. Trust me.

Niagara Boudoir Photographer - Rachel Limebeer Photography
Niagara Boudoir Photographer - Rachel Limebeer Photography

Petite Session


40 minute session

10 full res. images

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2-3 outfits

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Simply Session


1 hour session

25 full res. images

digital download

up to 4 outfits

free consult


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Niagara Boudoir Photographer - Rachel Limebeer Photography

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