Niagara Newborn Photographer – 2016 Part 1


In the past year and a half, almost 2 years now, I have added many hats to my collection. For the longest time I was just me. You know the usual daughter, sister, student, employee… Things you are before becoming a… “adult”. Then I added the wife hat. Then I added the mom hat (Times three). Now; because I thrive on chaos apparently, I decided to try out the entrepreneur hat. And MAN is that one complicated hat.

I like to think that now I have one of those hats you make at brownie camp. You know the ugly tilly hat, then you add all the buttons and handmade charms and such to it so it doesn’t just represent the ugly fishing hat, but now it represents all those badges you worked for while you were camping. (Man I wish I could dig out my brownie photos because my tilly hat was pretty kick ass). Except instead of “cook” or “fishing” or “fire” badges, my new toque (it’s cold now… And I don’t look good in a tilly hat anymore) has badges that are photographer, baby whisperer, maid, accountant, secretary, website design, paper killer, coffee addict, taxi driver, expert shopper… The list goes on and on…. Not to mention at the top the pom pom on top of the hat is the mom and wife badge.

For almost 2 years now, I have along with the support of my family, balanced as much as I could between work… and family. A lot of times (Such as now in the fall when i’m busiest) work became a little more of a priority than family. And the moment I realized it, it hurt my heart. Yes I know my family, friends, and children understand and support me 100%, however recently at a conference a guest speaker, and a good friend of mine Pam Isaak with Hummingbird Communications said something that really resonated with me and that was that it’s okay for family to be a part of my business brand. It’s 2015 and if I want to talk about my kids, and I want to make sure my kids and family are my priority I’m going to do that. I didn’t realize until that moment that I was afraid to acknowledge that in my “business world” I had kids, and that sometimes I need to say “no” for the sake of my family. It’s the #1 thing as a business owner I have a hard time doing. And that’s saying “no”.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m shutting my doors, or that I’ll be making some Huge and dramatic changes. Some I have slowly implemented already (I’m so sneaky you probably didn’t notice), But the BIG ONE for 2016 is that I will have set hours. Posted hours. No more working 7 days a week and getting lectured by my loving husband. I will have only the following hours for sessions available in 2016:

MONDAY to THURSDAY: 9am – 12:30pm



**Evening sessions will be available for outdoor sessions only during the warmer months

Newborn sessions will only take place during the week.

Don’t forget on top of these hours I spend additional hours a week on editing and admin work, so while it seems like my “hours” are short, I promise you i’m still working!

The biggest reason I went to set hours was a) To stop myself from over scheduling. and b) to get some time with my family and not feel guilty about it. While I want to do everything for my clients, and will still within my limitations continue to do everything for you, my clients, My family is my #1 and I need days to be with them without work. I also need time for just me. By myself which I forget to take.

What will this mean for you? What this will mean is that if you want one of the coveted weekend sessions, you will likely need to contact me earlier as I will have less available on weekends and more on weekdays. By scheduling all my newborns during the week, it means that I can fit more milestone/maternity sessions in on weekends making more people happy!

The only time this schedule will change is during my peek seasons (spring and fall) where I will make adjustments as I need.

I thank everybody for your support and for sticking with me! This is an important step for me to grow not just as a photographer, but as a business.

If you ever have questions never hesitate to ask! I’m always around and can be reached at

All the best, Keep smiling, and I hope to see you in 2016!


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