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Those of you who follow my work already know this, but for those of you who are just meeting me for the first time, my policy is simple is best. I believe simple isn’t easy. It’s very easy to confuse simple with plain and boring, but here, I try to capture simple in an interesting and beautiful way. I use mostly whites, creams and other neutrals and soft colours. I use small props and simple setups, but with my own spin. This runs true in every session I do from newborns, to babies, and yes, even my mini sessions and holiday sessions.

In todays trends with photography, we have the ability to secure amazing props, and unique backdrops that are so real looking. Especially holiday setups they get so extravagant and unique and stunningly beautiful. We scroll through newsfeeds and search engines and see these images and go “Wow! What a beautiful backdrop or setup!”. But you see… That is where the problem comes in. You thought “wow, what a beautiful setup” instead of “wow, look at that beautiful child, and the setup is nice too”.

My approach to every single image I take is that your child. Your beautiful baby. Your family should ALWAYS be the focus of each image. Period. No exceptions.

It’s very easy to get caught up in extravagant and busy setups, especially when it’s what you see all around you. It’s happened to me, and it’s something I have done in the past and you know what I have found almost every single family do when picking their images? They pick simple. They pick those simply set up images. They pick the closeups. They pick the candid imperfectly perfect moments. A perfect example of this was last christmas. For my outdoor sessions I brought out the beautiful couch I used to have to the beautiful christmas tree farm, as well as 3 very simple props. A child sized sled. A wooden crate to sit on. And a blanket. Almost every session we used every prop. I sent out the proofing galleries and I noticed a pattern of almost every family picking one picture on the couch, 1-2 pictures on the smaller props, and the remaining images were ones of them being candid. Sitting on the blanket interacting with each other. Standing up cuddled in looking at the camera. photos that I snuck of them chasing their children through the trees, looking for chipmunks in the trees, exploring and just playing together.

I had hauled all these props out to the beautiful farm, and they mostly sat there ignored.

My indoor studio sessions I had my barn board setup with a bunch of props, and a creamy and dreamy star setup. Most parents wanted all the props removed and just use one or 2 props on the barn board, and most images I ended up editing that were chosen were on the simple white star setup. I’ve actually been asked to repeat this setup again this year!

This has really helped me realize that I need to do what makes me and my clients happy, and that is keep it simple. In studio this year I will be still having the 2 setups, but i’ll be keeping them simple. Letting parents choose what props they want in the setup and really giving everyone what they want. Giving that little bit of customization to each session.

Now we all know that I can’t finish a blog without some peeks into adorable, so here are some of my favourites from last year! If you are interested in booking for this year, information will be down below. Please do note though, that my sessions are in October and November this year so you’ll want to book soon to avoid disappointment!

teaser (1)teaser (2)teaser (3)teaser (4)teaser (6)teaser (7)teaser (9)teaser (10)teaser (11)WEB BORGHESI, Francine 1WEB BORGHESI, Francine 17WEB Clementine 1WEB COONEY CHRISTMAS 16WEB GILLEN, Melissa 15WEB HUTCHINSON CHRISTMAS 3WEB LOSTRACCO Christmas 9WEB LOVE CHRISTMAS 17WEB MURPHY Christmas 14WEB MYERS, Chelsey 5WEB NEUMAN Christmas 15WEB SHAHEEN, Nikki 1WEB SMITH, Tawnya 1WEB TAYLOR Christmas 1WEB YERICH, Cindy 9


Want to book your christmas session? Outdoor Christmas Tree Farm Mini’s and in studio mini sessions can be booked through To book a regular session (I can do christmas/holiday themed or just a regular session), or if these dates don’t work for you, please contact me via the contact tab at or by emailing

I hope to see you all here! As always if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask!

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