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It recently dawned on me while standing at the cutting table at the local fabric store watching the wonderful lady busy cutting the fabrics I had picked out for backdrops and wraps, that I can’t remember the last time I bought a non-neutral prop.

I then pulled out my cellphone and started scrolling through my recent Facebook posts and noticed almost everything was creams and whites and browns and other neutrals. Sometimes with a small pop of a muted colour. I then started to worry that I was getting too boring. That every image was looking the same. So I scrolled through and really paid attention and noticed that while I use a very simple palate, each image looked unique, and each baby looked simple and beautiful and more importantly natural.

It had taken me a year to realize what I liked. An entire year. And it wasn’t until these past few weeks that I have accepted that it is what I need to do. Now i’m sure you are wondering “Why neutrals?” Even I have asked myself “Why?” And I realized it’s because when I look at an image of a brand new squishy little baby, I want to see the baby. When I first lay eyes on an image, I want the first thing my eye is drawn to to be that baby. I don’t want anything in that image to compete with that baby for attention.


Like in the image above, the first thing my eye is drawn to is the expression on the baby’s face, and the sweet kiss his mama is giving him. If the walls were a bright colour, or the blanket a bright colour, my eye would be drawn to that. The neutral colours don’t compete with the sweetness and emotion in this image and lets the beauty of the moment stand all on it’s own.


Babies have this unique innocence. They are pure and new and simply beautiful. I want to capture them in a simple, pure, and natural way. Neutral palates allow me to do this give that feeling of simplicity, pureness and naturalness that compliments your new baby that will remain timeless.

The added bonus of neutrals, is that the canvas or large print you are hanging on your wall will match the decor of your room. Even after you redecorate again, and again. Which is always a bonus!

Now thats not to say that I never use colour. I do. However I do so sparingly with a wrap or outfit or something small that still keeps the eye on that stunning new life that you have created.


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