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You may notice that all my 2016 packages, big and small, all include prints now. It was a decision I have been toying with for a few months now. I know a lot of you will be wondering why and I’m sure some of you may be annoyed by this, but let me take a moment to explain why.

I know, and I understand that we are in the “digital age”. Almost everything we do is online. Technology has given us the ability to keep in touch with family that is so far away, and a large part of that is being able to share photographs and videos digitally with family and friends. But how many of us have a phone, or camera, or hard drive full of images that are just sitting there. Never printed. Just gathering digital dust.

Now let me ask you another question. If your computer/Phone were to crash right now. Would you still have those pictures? If your apple-id malfunctioned and crashed. Would you still have those pictures? Remember these are not just pictures. They are memories. YOUR memories. Photographs are a snapshot of that moment in time and you can’t get them back.

Digital images are not proven as archivable. We loose USB’s. Files get deleted. Files corrupt. And so much more. Why not give your memories the best possible chance at making it to your children’s, grandchildren’s, or even great grandchildren’s generation.

When you spend hundreds of dollars investing in capturing memories, you should have the prints and products to match the investment you have made. When you come to me and invest in a session, you aren’t just paying for me to “snap a picture”. You are paying me to capture a memory for you, and perfect the image so it looks perfect and reflects the style you love. So your baby looks natural and perfect. Wouldn’t you want your prints that you show your friends and family, or put on the wall to look at day in and day out to look perfect as well?


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Not only will your prints and products be gorgeous and high quality, but I can also help you determine what print or product, as well as what size will work best in the space you need it. It will be something you get joy in looking at every day.

I know in your brain you are crunching the numbers and wondering why i’m being the mean photographer making you pay higher prices for prints when you can just print them at your local shopping store. The simple answer is “You get what you pay for”. Why did you choose me as your photographer? There are lower priced photographers out there, but you chose to come to me because the quality of my images is worth the price. I promise you the quality of the prints you will get is worth the price as well.

I also understand that the cost of the prints or other products you may want can add up quickly, especially when you add on to the package you have already purchased. I am happy to send pricing on prints and products to you even before you book so you know how much it will be and can budget for it. I’m happy to speak or meet with you, and come up with a plan that will get you what you want, on a timeline that you can afford.

Photographs are an investment, but it’s one of the best investments you can make. In this digital age it is so easy to look at an image for 2 seconds and click past it. Imagine how good it feels to physically hold the image of your sweet baby. To look at those chubby rolls and see the perfect little being you created looking rosy and beautiful. Imagine being able to pass around the print to a friend stopping by for tea and spend time looking at them and talking about each moment instead of handing them your phone for them to quickly scroll through. Imagine putting it in a frame, or an album that you can pull out on a rainy day and take the time to look through time and time again. Digital images are so easy to forget about. But photos in a box or album on a shelf will catch your eye every time you see it and remind you of that important time.

Our society is so fast paced, we never want to wait for anything. We don’t want to wait to place our order, wait one to two weeks after we select our prints to get them back when we can just buzz on over to the local store’s print lab and have our prints in an hour at less cost. But sometimes exercising a little patience gains big rewards. Remember waiting 9 months to meet your perfect tiny human? This is a measly 2 weeks (longer with product) for years and years of enjoyment.

In short print your images. I promise it’s worth it.

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