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Newborn to a baby’s first birthday seems like the fastest time of their life. Everything grows and changes so fast from their size to their looks to their skills to their personality. It seems like it passes in the blink of an eye which is why its so important to capture each milestone to remember that time and catch how fast the time passes.

I love to tailor each session to you, your family, and your needs. These sessions can take place in the studio, on location somewhere outdoors, or even in your own home for a more lifestyle approach. Working in hobbies and interests, and especially those cuddly comfort items is always a wonderful idea and i’m happy to help create images that are exactly what you want.

Baby Milestone Packages at Rachel Limebeer Photography are scheduled when your baby achieves the milestones, as opposed to the popular “age” milestones. This helps you capture the big milestones your baby achieves and get the beautiful variety each session instead of focusing on their age for these sessions. Since every baby is unique and develops differently, by focusing on the milestones, you’ll get the images and variety between sessions you want. My milestone sessions are as follows:

Smiles and Giggles Session:

This session takes place around 3-4 Months typically. Your baby should be able to smile, make eye contact, push up on their elbows and interact a little bit. If you wait until closer to 4 months you may even capture your little one playing with their toes!

Sit and Laugh Session:

This session usually takes place between 6 and 9 Months. Your baby should be able to sit well by themselves, but not yet crawl (Yet some babies will crawl before they can sit, and thats okay! The sitting milestone is the important part). They should be able to raise up on their arms when on their bellies, and make sure you bring something with you that will make them laugh!

Stand Up and Clap Session:

This session is the one to capture the celebration of making it through the wonderful first year! Your baby will most likely be able to stand while holding something, crawl around, and clap. So make sure you practice your “If you’re happy and you know it!”. If you choose to upgrade to a Cake Smash Session, your baby should be able to eat soft solid food. I always suggest giving your baby a cupcake a few times before. While it’s exciting trying to capture your baby’s very first taste of cake, it’s a very different taste than they are used to, and does not always make for great photos. Especially if they aren’t used to the texture either!

Cake Smash Upgrade:

 If you choose to upgrade your session to a cake smash, the Petite Baby Package will be a cake smash only. The Simply Baby Package upgrade turns the one hour session into 30 minutes of one year milestone photos, then 30 minutes of Cake Smash Fun. The best part of our cake smash package? You basically book, pay, and choose a theme. Then we coordinate everything for you! You just show up to the session and everything is here and setup for you! Let us handle the stress for you. And the cleanup!

Petite Baby Package – $200 


30 Minute Mini Session

10 Edited Images of your choice via Digital Download

Simply Baby Package – $285 


1 hour Session

25 Edited Images of your choice on USB

Release for Personal Use and Prints up to 8×10

*Upgrade to a cake smash Package for $60 (Includes Cake and use of setup and outfit to match the theme of your choice)

Baby’s First Year Package

Capture your baby’s important milestones from newborn through to their first birthday. Add on a petite maternity session for $100 or a simply maternity session for $175.

Petite Baby’s First Year Package – $900.00 


a petite newborn package, and a petite Baby Package for the following milestones:

Smiles and Giggles (3-4 Months)

Sit and Laugh (6-9 Months)

Stand up and Clap (One Year)

Simply Baby’s First Year Package – $1100.00 


a Simply Newborn Package, and a Simply Baby Package for the following milestones:

Smiles and Giggles (3-4 Months)

Sit and Laugh (6-9 Months)

Stand up and Clap (One Year)

*Upgrade to a cake smash Package for $60 + hst (Includes Cake and use of setup and outfit to match the theme of your choice)

*Newborn package can be upgraded by paying difference in package price.


I understand that photography is a large investment, but I promise it is worthwhile. I do offer payment plans to those who need. Just contact me to discuss this option.

Please note that a $75 non-refundable retainer is required to confirm ALL bookings. The remainder of the session fee is required AT LEAST 48 hours PRIOR to the session date.

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