Doughnuts, adorable baby, and beautiful family.. Oh My! This family was one of my favourites to work with! They were gorgeous not only on the outside, but also the inside! And I absolutely love that the grandparents got involved as well! There was SO MUCH love with this family. It made me so happy!

Her older sister was so in love with her!! She was so happy to get to get pictures taken with her and just wanted to give her love and play with her and be with her. And when we let her have a part of the cake as well! Well her smile spoke for herself.

And the birthday girl… Oh she was so precious! Stunning with those cheeks and lips and lashes. She was a touch character to get to smile, but she was still happy and really enjoyed her cake!

It was such a fantastic session, and you can take a peek at the session below!

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In home sessions are sessions I will never tire of. This home was stunning and so homey and smelled delicious! They were diffusing something yummy!

What made me happiest in this session, was that the grandparents were also willing to get involved. It always makes me SO happy when grandparents are willing to get involved because new babies entering the world aren’t just for mom and dad, but it’s a whole family event. Grandparents get excited, brothers and sisters, cousins… Welcoming new life is a full family event and it warms my heart when gramma and grandpa (or whichever name they choose to go by) are willing to get in front of the camera. They get so few photos with the baby, it always makes me happy when I can get them one!

This sweet girl had so much love and her dad was beaming with joy and amazement every time he looked at her. I definitely left this session with a very happy heart!

Take a peek into this session below!

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This little man had such a personality already at just a few days old. His mom and dad were so in love with him (And i know still are), and were so sweet and relaxed with him.

He was one of those babies that you just wanted to cuddle right in. He looked at you like he knew so much already and when he finally drifted off to sleep, he was such a sweet sleeper.

I find that when we have babies we are constantly willing them to open their eyes for a bit so we can see them and interact with them, but then we also are constantly willing them to sleep so we can get sleep… or you know… so we can take sleepy photos of them!

Take a peek at their session below!

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This family is one of the happiest families I have had, and oh man, the siblings were so great for me! They sure made my job easy! I was thrilled when this mama contacted me to photograph their family grow by one more again! And oh man he was so handsome. He was such a dream, didn’t wake once! I was actually a little sad because I love capturing at least some awake images, but he wasn’t up for any awake ones. But that was okay!

I loved working with them again, and you could see all the love they had for this new addition, and for each other. I felt extremely blessed to be a part of this milestone for this family.

See below for a peek into their session!

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Cake smashes are sessions that I very much enjoy doing because no 2 sessions are the same. And it’s always a guessing game as to whether the baby is going to love the cake, or if they are going to think its torture. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between opinion when it comes to a one year old with their cake.

This little girl was so sweet and had such a wonderful personality! She was such a joy to photograph. I think you will be able to tell by the photos, which side of the opinion this little one sided with when it came to the cake!

Take a peek at her session below:

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